Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friends, Food, and Football

Just like all other Alabamians, we jumped at the chance to cook some great food, spend time with some of our best friends, and watch a little football last night! Even though we severely dislike both of the teams that were playing we had a fun time! Our friends Laura and Gardner came over to watch the game with us! I always love when Laura comes to town because that means I won't be the only girl hanging with the guys!

We allowed ourselves to cheat on our eating healthy kick because the food we wanted to cook was so good! Gardner brought some sausage to grill for an appetizer, and it was fantastic!! We had some of Adam's mom's jambalaya, chicken and sausage gumbo, rice, and fried gator!! I completely enjoyed my night, because it was the hubby's turn to cook!! Man was it GOOD!!!! We had a little snafu with the gator at first, but Adam remedied it to perfection!! I can't wait to sneak a little snack later!!

I love how patient my friends and hubby are with me, because the whole time they were there, I was constantly working on school stuff.(Oh the life of a teacher) Good thing I'm a good multi-tasker! Haha! I decided to go to bed when I knew the game was going to have the most unfortunate ending (WAR EAGLE). Although the game didn't end the way we wanted, the night turned out just how we had planned! Well I'm off to workout! (No cheating today)!!


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  1. WoW Tay that hurts...glad yall had a good time...i like your blog :) Roll Tide!