Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, Healthy Year

Hey guys! I decided to start blogging about my adventures in wifehood (is that even a word?). I am a newlywed (married in September 2011), and I am having a ball so far being a wife! It's definitely not an easy job, but it has been fun :)
A little background about me: I am from a small town in Alabama, so I am just a down home southern girl! A few of my favorite things are Auburn University, dancing, reading chick lit (Nicholas Sparks is the best), and vacationing!!! I am a Kindergarten teacher in Phenix City, Al, and this is my second year teaching.
My husband Adam and I met in 2006, and started dating in 2008. He asked me to marry him on our 3 year anniversary and we tied the knot nine months later in Destin, FL!
Our New Year's resolution for 2012 was to start eating healthier and exercise more (pretty original I know!!), so I decided blogging would be a great a great way to keep up with what we're doing. So far we have been doing really good on our goals! I have gone seven days without a Coke so far, and for those who know me, you know it is a huge feat for me!!
Tonight we are having Healthified Garlic Shrimp Pasta(link at bottom). Thanks Betty Crocker!! haha! Hopefully it will turn out well!! I'm off to the kitchen! Hope everyone has a great night!!

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